Visit Maasai Village Ngong Hills

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Visit  Maasai village  Ngong hills with a traditional Maasai community

The Maasai village  Ngong Hills are still something of an ex-pat enclave, and you may stumble upon perfect reproductions of English farmhouses with country gardens full of flowering trees – only the acacias remind you that you aren’t rambling around the home counties of England.

Out of Africa, the green and fertile Ngong Hills have a certain mythical quality about them. The best views are from the road which climbs up and over the hills to Lake Magadi, or to put them in their most evocative historical context, from Karen Blixen’s House & Museum. Sadly, large swathes of the hills are in danger of being swallowed up by Nairobi’s urban sprawl.

Maasai village  Ngong Hills are peaked in a ridge along the Great Rift valley, located southwest near Nairobi, in southern Kenya. The word “Ngong” is an Anglicization of a Maasai phrase “enkong’u emuny” meaning rhinoceros spring, and this name derives from a spring located near Ngong Town

The Ngong Hills, from the eastside slopes, overlook the Nairobi National park and, off to the north, the city of Nairobi The Ngong Hills, from the westside slopes, overlooking the Great Rift Valley dropping over 1,000 m (3,281 ft) below, where Maasai villages have been developed. The peak of the Ngong Hills is at 2,460 m (8,071 ft) above sea level

There is a walking trail along the tops of the Ngong Hills. Kenya Forestry Service has a small post at the NE foot of the park. There is a KSH 600 fee for visitors. Local residents have sometimes held Sunday church service on the southern peak, overlooking the Great Rift Valley.

Near the hills is the town of Ngong The Maasa village gong Hills Wind Power stations being built on the hills. This is the first wind farm in the country.

Kenya Forestry Service offers guides/security to accompany hikers for an extra fee (KES 2000).

A rare opportunity to live one day as the Masai do.  Herd cattle with Masai warriors, make jewelry with Masai women, and share incredible stories.

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